About Us

Corporate vision---to become the world's leading supplier of car refrigerator and technology leader

In terms of strategic positioning

Company is committed to became has world level of skin of suppliers, integration company marketing, and technology, and service, and management and the culture of integrated resources and advantage, building to customer service--products development--provides system solution programme for core of organization institutions, implementation to meet personalized service for based of competition strategy, achieved company became domestic industry first brand, occupies domestic highest market share and has strong international competitiveness of strategy target.

In terms of staff training

"For the industry to bring progress" and "work together to create, share results" as the core, and build a cooperative enterprise, science and technology enterprises, innovative enterprises. Strengthening organization construction and improving organizational efficiency, active organizations, active employees. Manufacturing first-class products, providing first-class service, first-class brand cast, cultivate first-class talent, to create first-class enterprises, making a first-class contribution.

Our guiding principles are

"People-oriented, sincerity-oriented" business ethics and the "advanced technology" the scientific spirit, seeking progress, creating value for society, to contribute to the national, working for staff development and well-being, to provide high quality technical services and high-tech products, promoting the development of customer.