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18L 10瓶罐装饮料自动售卖机,适合中小型超市。冷暖两用,满足各种需求,安静运转,带给你舒适环境。半导体制冷技术,省电又环保,健康安全。外观经过设计2年才完工,100%精良的做工,时尚大气,整体更简洁,流畅,美观。可口可乐品牌标识,印刷清晰赶紧,品牌在于细节。高端的拉手设计,使用安全可靠。单向门推门设计,方便拿取,自助提取,一键搞定。冷凝水顺内壁流入节水台,不会溢出机体,同时可移动,方便移除清晰。

18 l 10 bottles to drink vending machine, suitable for small and medium-sized supermarkets. Usage, satisfy various needs, quiet operation, and bring you comfortable environment. Semiconductor refrigeration technology, energy saving and environmental protection, health and safety. Appearance design 2 years to complete, after 100% exquisite workmanship, fashionable atmosphere, the overall more concise, fluent, beautiful. Coca-Cola brand identity, clear printing quickly, the brand is in the details. The shake handshandle of high-end design, the use of safe and reliable. One-way door opened the door design, convenient to take, self-help extract, one-click fix. Condensed water along the wall into the water, will not overflow the body, can move at the same time, convenient to remove the clear.

尺寸:47.5*30.5*72.5CM                    制冷时间:空箱两小时之内达到理想温度
容量:9L                              产品电源:12V DC或者220V AC
制冷系统:半导体电子制冷              产品功率:DC 制冷 55W,制热 50W;
重量:8千克                                   AC 制冷 65W,制热55W
材质:ABS,食品级环保材料              产品标配:车载冰箱,AC/DC电源线,
制冷温度:低于环境温度18-20℃                   网状隔板,使用说明书,
制热温度:55-60℃                               保修卡,合格证          


fun,decorative and functional vending fridge
holds 10(12 oz)cans
solid state thermoelectric cooling
operates on 12V or 110V/220V(power cords supplied)
cools up to 32°F below ambient temperature
self-locking door handle

L 1807"/W 12"/H 28.5"