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25 L large capacity design, car home dual-use,, can put 6 bottles of 1.25 L large coke, 10 bottles of 576 ml beer, 24 to 330 ml of cola. Apply makeup artist refrigerating cosmetics, skin care products; Mother summer cold fresh milk, heating in winter to keep warm; Student dormitory iced drinks insurance fruit again; Doctors and patients refrigerating vaccines, generic drugs of Chinese herbal medicine; Rent rent refrigerated food and fruit drinks; Office worker frozen drinks, fruit, etc. Refrigeration and preservation, 18-20 ℃ below the environment; Low energy consumption and energy saving, just 40-50 w small power, dormitory also can free enjoy cool and refreshing summer! Can also heating and heat preservation, heat the milk, coffee, bread and so on. The Taiwan high efficiency fan fan, high efficiency, low noise, improve quickly out of the air. Adopt efficient refrigeration, energy saving, refrigeration effect is good. Seal baffle effectively promote efficient use of space, light and closed card buckle made the light and convenient, whole sealing.

品名:可口可乐 车载小冰箱KWC-25
尺寸:33*38*47CM                            制冷时间:空箱两小时之内达到理想温度
容量:25L                                   产品电源:12V DC或者220V AC
制冷系统:半导体电子制冷                    产品功率:DC 制冷 55W,制热 50W;
重量:3.4千克                                         AC 制冷 65W,制热55W
材质:ABS,食品级环保材料                     产品标配:车载冰箱,AC/DC电源线,
制冷温度:低于环境温度18-20℃                          网状隔板,使用说明书,
制热温度:55-60℃                                      保修卡,合格证          


fun Coca-Cola polar bear design
holds 28(12 oz)cans
solid state themoelectic cooling
operates on 110V/220V AC
cools up to cbelow ambient temperature
LED temperature with push button
tremovable shelf
self-locking door handle

L 13.25"/W 15.5"/H 18.6"
Weight:15 lbs