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4L可口可乐迷你冰箱,具有五大功能 ,保鲜、静音、大容量、安全及便携。在常温30℃下,制冷可低于10℃,强劲制冷。也可保鲜,水果 蔬菜 饮料统统没问题。在宿舍也能畅享清凉夏日,仅40-50W的小功率,低耗节能。4L容量,可装6罐可口可乐,使用12V的标准连接线链接点烟器,即可在车上享受清凉的食品和饮料。冬季制热可达60℃,制热保暖一些牛奶咖啡等。

4 l Coca-Cola mini fridge, has five major functions, preservation, mute, large capacity, safe and portable. Under room temperature 30 ℃, the cooling can be below 10 ℃, strong cooling. Can also be fresh, fruit and vegetable beverage all no problem. In the dormitory also can free enjoy cool and refreshing summer, only 40-50 w small power, low energy consumption and energy saving. 4 l capacity, can install 6 cans of Coca-Cola, use 12 v cigarette lighter standard cable link, you can enjoy the cool food and drinks in the car. Winter heating up to 60 ℃, heating warm some milk to coffee.

品名:可口可乐 迷你/车载小冰箱KWC-4B
尺寸:18.8*26.4*29.5CM                     制冷时间:空箱两小时之内达到理想温度
容量:4L                                   产品电源:12V DC或者220V AC
制冷系统:半导体电子制冷                   产品功率:DC 制冷 55W,制热 50W;
重量:8千克                                          AC 制冷 65W,制热55W
材质:ABS,食品级环保材料                   产品标配:车载冰箱,AC/DC电源线,
制冷温度:低于环境温度18-20℃                        网状隔板,使用说明书,
制热温度:55-60℃                                    保修卡,合格证          


holds 6(12oz) cans or 4(500ml) bottles
solid state thermoelectric cooling
operetes on 110V/220V AC 
cools up to 32°F below ambient temperature
one sliding removable shelf
self-locking door handle

L 7.4"/W 10.4"/H 11.6"
Weight:4.7 lbs